Facility Tour

Locational Advantage:

The facility has a unique location advantage of Howrah - Chennai railway track and NH 6 as its peripheral boundaries, thereby erasing the logistical concerns.
Distance from Kharagpur -
Kolkata – 130 Km
Dhamra Port – 330 Km
Paradip Port – 345 km

Facility For Coke Operation:

Fully Automated Raw Material Handling Sytem

  • Wagon Tippler for Rake Unloading
  • Concrete Coal Yard
  • Stacker and Reclaimer
  • Coal Storage Silos
  • Coal Crusher

Fully Automated Coke operations

  • Vibro stamping facility
  • Coal charging cars
  • 4 Batteries with 40 ovens each. (Heat Recovery Non Recovery type of ovens)
  • Pusher cars
  • Quenching cars

Fully Automated Coke handling system

  • Online coke crushing and screening system
  • Coke storage silos
  • Concrete yard for coke storage
  • Stacker & Reclaimer
  • Fully automatic coke loading system for dispatch by wagons


Fully automated Raw Material Handling System (RMHS) – BEL

In Plant Railway provision

Wagon Tippler

Coal Reclaimer

Coal Silos

Coal Stacker Concrete Coal Storage Yard

Coal Crushing facility after blending


Compacting Station with Vibro compaction System

Fully mechanized Stamp charging facility

Compacting station can perpare 2 cakes simultanously



Oven Batteries with Waste Heat Recovery System for the generation of Power

Oven battery Compactings and Quenching Station in the background



Fully Automated Coke Handling System

Coke Reclaimer with coke silo in the background

Coke Stacker with concrete coke yard

Coke Silo for Rake loading

Customized Coke cutting facility


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