To win the market place you must win the workplace

Since its inception, Bengal Energy Ltd. has always viewed its people as its greatest asset. The Company endeavours to be an ‘Employer of Choice’ by fostering an environment of aspirational goal setting, continuous improvement, in addition to health and safety, and corporate responsibility. The management is responsible for training and supervising employees on safe procedures and healthcare, providing information on safety hazards and providing safety equipment. It is also responsible for compliance with statutory provisions on health and safety. The Company constantly strives to achieve its goal of “zero fatalities”. This pursuit of excellence in safety enables the Company to continuously improve occupational health and safety management to attain benchmarked global standards. Health and safety is of paramount importance for the Company and it has always been in the forefront for environmental care and industrial safety. Employees are encouraged to participate in various sports and activities to ensure that its employees remain in perfect mental health, remains agile and alert, at all times.

Building Moments Strengthening Relation